Excellent and innovative features of employee scheduling software, ‘What Time Do I Work’

Much has been written about employee scheduling software/ program, but this write up includes almost every possible thing that can be done with the help of employee scheduling software and how it makes one of the most important things in today’s age to manage your employees effortlessly.

To elaborate, the employee scheduling calendar software program certainly reduces the administrative burden on you. It enables you to keep track of your employee’s working schedules quite easily. In case you have umpteen numbers of employees who work on different times or on shifts, then it certainly becomes difficult to manage and see to the shifts of the employees. In such a situation, the employee scheduling software becomes your savior and helps in managing the shifts of employees from wherever you are and very easily.

hotel scheduling software

The market is flooded with so many employees scheduling software, but it is you who needs to find out the best one so that you can get the best features. Different software has different features. The company with the name of What Time Do I Work has come up with one of the most excellent software that has numerus features and tools to handle your business and employees at your hand’s distance. This particular software will enable your employees to check their shifts as soon as they become available from any computer or smart phone.

Apart from all this, the software also has a feature that allows you to sent reminders to employees about upcoming shifts. Below mentioned are some of its features:

  • Employees are notified immediately of any schedule changes
  • You can contact your staff with just a few clicks
  • Save money by reducing overtime. The software calculate labor dollars as your create the schedule and warn you of potential overtime dollars you might be spending
  • Organize and maintain a list of employee request and availabilities and be warned by the scheduler if there is any conflict
  • Remind your employees of upcoming schedules and shifts

With so many advanced and excellent features, certainly everyone in business would want to purchase one to make the things easy going. In case you do not know how to use the software then also there is no problem, as the above mentioned company offers you a chance to learn the software online and use it for free for one whole month and then if you find it exciting enough, you can purchase it thereafter.


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